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Default Re: Why not just buy a motorcycle?


The following comments will assume that you have never owned a motorcycle.

I've been riding motorcycles since I was 12, (1973), I had a suzuki T/C 90. I rode this bike for two years...pushing it to the limit.

My next bike, (15 years old), was a suzuki RM125A. There were two times that I miscalculated a jump and ended up on the ground! Bruised ego, and a few other bruises, but no real harm.

Fast forward 1981 and a Honda 750/4 special. Had it not been for what I learned about how to handle a bike, I would have been dead.

I have always contended that it's best to start out light and low powered. Balance, reaction time, instinct, must be learned!

So many kids and adults go right to a heavy street cruiser or Cafe' type motorcycle, having never been on a motorcycle! It's a recipe for disaster.

Have fun with your bike! The balance and control you will learn will carry over to a MC.

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