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Default Re: Mb's and immagration ? Really...

I guess any tech. Thats new to an area causes problems? But the whole issue of race and rights has reached a fever pitch here... In the last 10-15 yrs the population has changed to hispanic 70/30 and the local infastructure is showing the burden!
Jobs,schools,police and healthcare have all suffered setbacks due to the influx of ilegals.
It's easy to just call people who arguee these points racist, but we all worry about this stuff...the local police stats are alarming to say the least ,they have aressted as many as 100 illegals in one day and thats not rare or infrequent.
But when the issue in a drivers licesnce and use of the public roadway thats diff. We all (most people) pay there taxs And that supports the roadways for everyone .There will always be those looking to get by with a "dodge" . So we end up with a case of the "suppos too's" your suppos to pay taxs ,your suppos to get a legal DL. Etc . But many dont ... So now "they" see unlicsenced MB's as anouther "dodge" for ilegals to use and that threatens my rights! I always try and portray MB's as an enviormently friendly ,safe,and econamical way to travel localy ,but it seems theres a lot of people who see them as a way for drunks and illegals to scam the system.
I know those jerks at the bar are a lost cause ,the problem is when they get the attention of the powers that be (from the bar owners thru to IL. Senate) and for some reason they do...
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