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Default Re: Mb's and immagration ? Really...

Originally Posted by HT2005 View Post
As far as bike law:
You have the "right", as defined by Illinois, to ride the bike around without going to jail or being harassed by the police.

Illegal Aliens:
Illegal Mexican aliens don't even belong in this country. Don't worry about what's "fair" to them. In fact when the founders created this country they wanted only "free White persons of good moral character" to be citizens and have full rights.

The guy at the bar:
He threatened to destroy your property. If I were you I'd stay away from the bar and him.
I think is important to confront stupidity and racism whenever it's encountered. You dont have to be a dick about it but dont put up with it either. Im a white guy surrounded by Hispanic folks, most; if not all of them having family in this land before it was America: And before ANY of my relatives arrived on the boat. That being said; dont get yur head beat in. As to the "free white men of good moral character" that was at the very beginings of this country when slavery was still in fashon in most of the states. It changed quickly with the times and needs of the country. Heck: Look at all them Irish they let in... HAHAHAhahhaa
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