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Default motorized bicycle's and immagration ? Really...

Ok so now ive heard it all ... So before i gett a hundred angry replies just lett me say im just only repeating what ive heard NOT my opnion!
Were i live in northern IL. We have a huge ilegal immagration problem ,everyone agrees on this (both sides anyway) . Last week at one of our local bars ,a guy i never meet came over and ask if i was one "of those guys on those ilegal bicycles" ? Despite having a copy of the IL. State law in my pocket he would not believe me . He told me he was gona call police every time he saw us ride and i said thats his right? He left for a few but as i was ready to leave four or five of his buddys came over and started in on the ilegal mexican issue. There beef was with "mexicans" riding in the street "with no dam liscence" (no dl required in IL.) i started getting that pre asswooping feeling... Then the bigest one of these guys ask if i was selling bikes ? I said yes i was helping people work on there bikes (were a club not a bike seller) what of it? His responce was"better not be helping mexicans!" his buddy allowed how if he saw a bike parked some were he would smash the motor with a hammer!
I told that guy if he ever touched my bike he would need a good dentist! That seemed to take the wind outa his sails and i left . Well the next day i got a call from the owner of the bar (a friend of a friend) telling me not to ride there anymore ? He said those guys got loud and ran off some of his other customers aswell ,so stay outa there ! Not to be a jerk but i told him ill ride were i please and if you wana bar me go ahead ,just be ready for the backlash! Now the club rides to this place many times during the summer and theres no way im getting run off just cuz some jerks who hate spanish people!
To be honest ive only ever seen one mexican guy rideing an motorized bicycle around town ? And if he wants to join the club ,its up to the membership to vote a new guy in or out just like everyone else!
So is it just me or is this just stupid! We are one of the few states that dont require a dl. To operate an motorized bicycle . But how is that strickly a mexican issue? First it was guys with dui trouble ,now its racial?? The real truth to me is these guys have nothing better to do them blame whatever they can on mexicans and have a gripe to drink over! Plus if they mess with me they cant get charged with a racial hate crime.
The long and short of this leaves me wondering how you all feel about these issues? I fought for several years to get the laws changed in IL. Just to alow mb's on state roadways and there not defined as a motor vec. In IL. So why would you need a DL?
So what do you think ,does the lack of DL requirement help those with dui's and or ilegals? Unfairly? And why?
I realize this is a charged issue and may be outa the scope of most who our on this forum , however anything that may chalenge my right to ride free is worth debate.
I hope i didnt offend anyone , i generaly lett my breath do that for me!
we few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
for he that shares the road with me shall be my brother. be he nare so vile this ride shall gentile his condition . and pedestrians now afoot will hold there manhood cheap when passed by a motor bike geek
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