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After months of Lord Vadar (Norm)using the force to beckon me to the dark side I have arrived. I'll lurk around and try to keep my mischief to a minium. I've already put fear into your leader Cruiser. I just started a fire in my back yard. So my first contribution to this fourm is "keep a fire extingusher handy". They're a lot cheaper than rebuilding Also don't use old out dated plumbing torches either. That's enough destruction and mayhem for one day. It was time to trim the bushes back anyhow, but the faucet still leaks.

I should stick to motored bikes. I have 3 one running, one dead and one without a motor yet. ThatsDax 50,70 and the 3rd will be a 70 cc.

I appreciate the warm welcomes that await.
I suppose you can call me General or just Gen.
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