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Originally Posted by JimL5150 View Post
Hey Fellas I am new here and need a hand. I am confused about the instalation of the cdi/kill switch. from the engine I have blue and black and white. Blue and black from cdi I get that. Then I got green and yellow with a red stripe from the kill switch. Im thinkin white to yellow and green to ground.
this is my first time and I dont want to cook anything. Little help??
Welcome to the forum. We're always glad to help but you should also be aware of the search feature that will probably offer you all the advice you could ask for. Just type in a word or phrase and select from the menu provided. Here's an example >

As for your wiring issue: Wire blue to blue, black to black, wrap and insulate the white wire so it can not come in contact with any metal part. (many of us remove it completely)

The kill switch is simply a normally open momentary switch so wire colors do not matter. They should be spliced into the blue and black connections from the engine/CDI circuit.

Hope this helps.

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