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Default Re: The worst ripoff guy on the PLANET

When it comes to Copyrights or Patents, if anyone in the USA is infringing upon my copyrights or my Patents, I can guarantee you, you will have have a court order to cease and Desist. And if that person or company continues and violates the order, they will be arrested. Period.. I can guarantee it. I will not infringe on anyone's Patent or Copyright. Not knowingly anyway. When it comes to Copyrights and Patents here in USA, it is a big deal. Very big. It is Fundamental and a right to defend your ideas with copyrights and or Patents. Go and see the Movie, " A Flash of Genius" and you will get the idea of what it is about. You will see what a big deal Patents and Copyrights are here in USA. This is a true story and The Inventor was awarded millions . Millions.. All true...

Now.With that said.. It would be harder to get those outside the USA. But it too can be done. It is a matter of cost. And if you have a product where 100's or 1000's or even millions could be involved, then going after those outside the USA may be worth it. But.. Here inside the USA.. Not a problem.. A phone call, a few hundred dollars, and Wham !! Cease and Desist order issued. And if they do it again.. Wham.. Jail time for violating court orders. And then the word gets out.. And it stops.. And it will stop.. The Copyright and Patent lawyers make sure of it. IF they did not make sure of it, these government offices would be out of business.. And ..You know the US Government.. They do not like going out of business..Not at all.... Enjoy the ride...

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