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Default Re: Tank frame bicycles

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
I can only barely remember one tank frame bicycle I had. I'm pretty sure it was a JC Higgins. It was, I'm thinking green and chrome, but I could be confusing it with something else. It had dual headlights in the tank, but I seldom had batteries for them. They weren't very bright anyway as I remember. I was about 7 or 8 then. One of my other bikes was Murray bicycle that had a headlight on the front fender. I can't remember if it was a tank frame, but I'm pretty sure it was. Both bikes seemed like huge bicycles to me then. It seems like it must have been in my last life it was so long ago.
I had several tank-frame bikes with headlights and once, even a radio in the tank. I remember one with sirens, motor noises and a AM radio that I loved! It would not work as a fuel tank but the look was great! They have a certain motorcycle vibe that I loved as a kid, and love even more as an adult
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