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Default Re: Tank frame bicycles

Originally Posted by 16v4nrbrgr View Post
I basically killed every bike I had jumping it, doing skids, or pedaling so hard I broke something. It's probably good that I didn't have nice bikes.
I think you've touched on something here that was related to the death of the tankers.

Once I got a Sting Ray it was normal operating procedure to lock the coaster brake, and skid sideways to a stop. Especially if any girls were around. I don't think I ever stopped any other way.

Also we used to have fun making ramps to jump. Just to make it interesting we would fill a soup can with gasoline from the lawn mower, and set it on fire at the end of the ramp, right in the middle of the street. We would even invite the other kids in the neighborhood to come watch our feats of stupid, I mean bravery. Can you imagine what would happen now if a kid did that? They'd probably lock his parents up and throw away the key.

The tankers just weren't any good for that kind of fun. I guess I see the tankers differently now that I never get the urge to jump my bike through flaming gasoline anymore.
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