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Default Re: Tank frame bicycles

Originally Posted by Harold_B View Post
I tend to agree on modern over vintage but then that's really limited by what I can do to a frame. Those limitations also mean I won't be adding a drop loop or a wider rear wheel anytime soon! Some of the vintage designs don't seem as robust although I see a lot of success here on the forum. The thing that comes to mind is the Monarch fork. The bridge design doesn't look as beefy as the Felt Abraham Linkage fork. It will be interesting to see if our aluminum Felt cruiser frames hold up like the steel bikes of the 30's, 40's and 50's though, eh?
I've seem plenty of pictures of steel framed bicycles with broken frames. The alloy framed Atomic BB is working on 3000 miles and 3 years now so far, and it's totally unscathed. In comaprison to it, the Felt is a monster that weighed 10 lbs more stock. The frame wall thickness is a least twice as thick, so I doubt we'll ever have to worry about it breaking. Plus I weigh over 225, and my riding style is very hard on bikes. If it's going to break, I'll break it.
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