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Default Re: commuter survival pack

I had this posted over here originally...

Here's most of mine.. minus a bundle of 10" cable ties, and the air pump strapped under my crossbar. I have a ziplock bag if misc fasteners in the frame bag under the tank, a roll of electrical tape, tire patch kit, the chain tool and spare link and clips, and a spark plug.

I got a couple of pieces of material from work that are black plastic made into sheets like corrugated cardboard. From them I shaped inserts for my bags to keep them a little more rigid, and then cut smaller pieces from the off-cuts that fit into the bottom of the bag, giving me a small sub-compartment of sorts. I keep a couple of tie-down straps, rags and bungies under there. Great for securing stuff, or for tying the bike upright in the back of someone's truck.

All of this is in a small bag in one of my carriers with a spare innertube:

Needlenose and regular pliers.
Wrenches: 1 x 8mm, 2 x 10mm, 2 x 14mm
Plug wrench
Allen wrenches (roadside find )

The second and fourth wrenches down (10mm and 14mm) have a ratchet in the box end.

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