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Originally Posted by lowracer View Post
Welcome to the forum.
I'm in Charleston & ride my motorized bicycle all around the area.
I haven't been stopped yet by local police, but I do obey the rules of the road.
I think as long as its 50cc or less, aren't clocked over 30 mph & obey the rules of the road, you'll be ok. I usually wear a bright yellow jacket, & police must think I'm just a goofy nerd saving gas money than some law breaker...
Yea I live in Chesterfield County and I ride my scooter all over the place. I have no drivers license and didn't know I needed one. But I do 45 to 50 on it on high way 265, not much traffic but I get passed by Deputy Sheriff's all the time and they don't bother me. But now I do the 30 mile speed limit and do what is asked of me by law. I am going to go get my moped license this week so I don't have to worry about getting caught for Driving under suspended or any traffic violations. When I do get my moped license I am going to try to build me a bike from scratch and see how it works out. I really enjoy the open road of going out riding and my wife wants me to get her a scooter so she can ride around at the beach. So I will keep you guys posted on my progress...
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