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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
-28F !?!?
I would be loosing my mind in that cold!
And you ride in it.. dayum!
I suspect the minus was for the -2 Celsius value only. -2 Celsius = +28.4 Fahrenheit and that is still cold.

In China I hear lately it’s been like -40 Celsius which equates to strangely also -40 Fahrenheit. It seems that mathematically it is a cross over point, so it does not happen but I think just at that one temperature.

I worked on redoing a rear pulley for my belt drive. This next time since I'm using a regular vee-belt that has next to no stretch I will only pop the belt on the pulley when very loose. I am devising a way to use the drop outs to have it loose and then snug all the way back in the drop outs using turn buckles. Then I tighten the nuts. No more cracking the edge of the pulley. I had an extra washing machine pulley from the trash so it is just labor and time.


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