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Default Re: Tank frame bicycles

I never had a 'tanker' as a kid. I thought they were really cool but for whatever reason I never got one. I had a black and chrome J.C Higgins with a cruiser frame, cantilver bars and such and a Sturmy Archer 3 speed hub with a handlebar mounted shifter. It was my first 26 incher. That was probably my all time favorite bike.

A coupld of years ago I was at a car show and a guy rode past on a bike that was an exact duplicate of that Higgins. It even had the spring loaded front rack like the one I had. I tried like heck to buy it from him but he said it had been his dad's bike and had been in his family since the 50s. He did take my name and phone number and promised that he'd call if he ever wanted to sell it. I'm hoping, but I doubt I'll ever hear from him.

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