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Default Re: Greetings from the BikeBug

Very nice to meet you all. I'll begin posting some questions around the forums. I was going to go for an electric motor, but the high cost and problems with batteries turned me into a petrol head. Might electrify myself eventually. My plan is to use the BikeBug on my nine mile commute (each way) to work. I'm lucky it's an official London Bike Route most of the way.

The cold wet weather is the main problem besides being a newbie! I won't have a bike shed / garage till next summer so either the engine stays outdoors all winter, or indoors without using it. Don't want to stink up the indoor with exhaust fumes. Too bad it's not a Desiel, then I could fill it with Rapeseed or Penut Oil.

Gianni (North West London Sticks)
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