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Default Re: Police took my bike away

To answer an earlier question- I am a lawyer- have been for 10 years. I do not work for any government and I have never been a police officer. I am in private practice.

I see no injustice here. I get more than a little tired of the "why don't you go arrest the murders, etc." 'argument'. If you are aware of a gathering of such dire criminals where the police officer can make such arrests, please let him know.

We have a guy with 20+ charges and not $12,500 in fine, but his last 2 charges of $12,500 each and total fines, according to him, of over $150,000 ($1,000 per month for 13 years).

He continued to ride illegally. This is one of those places where you cannot ride if your license is suspended. His apparently is.

If I were a policeman in his area and knew that there was someone who had so blatant a disregard for law as him, I would keep an eye out for him too.

Y'know, most people, the overwhelming majority, do not have these problems. Why? Because they do not make these problems for themselves. You cannot blame the police for this. I've been driving for 21 years. In that time: 4 or 5 stops, 4 tickets given, 2 tickets dismissed and 2 paid. The first ticket was in 1988, the second in 1990, then I went until 2007 before I got another one. Anybody can do this. Most people I know have less tickets than I do.

Write all the letters you want, but with that record, why would....should, anyone listen?

Harsh words...sorry about that, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em.
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