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Hello everyone! My name is Phil and I've been riding a motorized bicycle for about a month and half now. I decided to build a motorized bicycle as a daily commuter to work - as I only work 4 miles away from home - and go on the occasional trip to the grocery store.

I did not order a brand new kit. In fact, I pieced my kit together from several parts I collected through craigslist. I also didn't purchase a bicycle, instead I used an old Raleigh mountain bike that was donated to me (which I was already using to commute to work). So at this time I would say that I have a total of 80 dollars invested into my motorbike.

It wasn't all smooth sailing, in fact it was quite frustrating at first. I had gone through two carburetors, two coils, a magneto and stater before the motor was in operational condition. Upon my first successful firing of the motor the front motor mount broke off and the spark plug en-lodged itself inside my left calf as the motor's torque twisted the entire engine sideways.

The pain was numbed by the succesful firing of the motor and I was happy to know that all the trials and tribulations were worth it. Thanks to a plumbing strap, lots of zip ties and spray paint - I now have a fully functional motor bike that reliably takes me to work everyday.

I'm actually quite amazed that this beat up old 66cc starts up and runs so well. I'm a big guy and the motor shows no signs of being worn out. The homemade cardboard gaskets don't hold the fluids very well, but she's not meant to be pretty .

The Dirty Rat Bike, as I call it, has fueled my passion for this new, wonderful way of transportation - I'm addicted. I've already purchased a brand new 29inch onyx cruiser for a new build and plan on ordering a brand new motor this weekend. I'll post a few pictures below, thanks for having me and I look forward to speaking with you all on here.

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