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Default Re: How Good Is Lock Tite ?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Back to the original question; Loctite is an excellent product. It just has limited use on a motorized bicycle.
I never use it, never had things fall off because I didn't. I use nylon lock nuts on things like chain guards and fender braces but never, never on my engines. If you have an engine that vibrates bad enough to loosen properly installed and torqued fasteners using a bandaid like thread locking compounds is just that, a bandaid. Eventually the vibes are gonna win no matter what. If the fasteners stay tight something else is gonna let go.

Safety wire is way overkill and totally impractical in almost every application on a bike. You'd need to drill the head of every fastener and when you got done your bike would look like something from Frankenstein's lab. It's not a jet fighter. It's a motorized bicycle.

I mostly agree with this, but I think safety wire has a place in a certain application. It looks too cool even if it's a HUGE amount of work. I don't use loctite and I have mega-miles on all my chinagirls. It all comes down to maintainence. (and luck)
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