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Default Re: How Good Is Lock Tite ?

I fall in the middle on this I guess. TwoDoor has point about needing loctite on engine fasteners. Knowing most bolts are going into tapped cast aluminum I'm just not in a hurry to make them harder to remove. Some locations like fender bolts, brackets, stuff that is installed once and never touched but gets vibrated a lot gets loctite red. If it's a bracket or mount that might be removed then loctite blue. One thing in addition to the parts being clean as GearNut mentioned is that the fit needs to be good. Loctite isn't a replacement for threads and is a lousy gap filler. If the threads are loose and don't get hot I use a product called Vibratite. It's like adding the goop on the threads of locking fasteners yourself only you can control how much goop goes on.
Another tip for using adhesives on threads is to apply whatever you are using on the part that you want the excess to wick onto. If you don't want excess in the bottom of a blind hole, put the loctite on the first few threads of the screw. Opposite if you want to push it through a through hole (put it on the first few threads of the hole). Also, use too much and it won't cure. It is not friendly to a "bigger the glob the better job" type of application.
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