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Default Re: Is putting a motor on a RACING BIKE with THIN TIRES dangerous?

Originally Posted by fogell420 View Post
My cruiser bike with a 2 stroke motor on it doesn't go that fast, maybe 25 mph on a flat surface. but i live where there are lots and lots of hills, and this bike can't get up lots of them.

i want to put the motor on my racing bike because it's super light, but it has very thin racing bike tires.

it also rains a lot in oregon and the ground is almost always wet

is this dangerous?
i want some detailed thoughts so i can make an informed decision about what I wanna do.
What kind of racing bike are we talking about? I say with a ht motor, it should be okay. If you plan on racing it on the track, I wouldn't suggest it especially with all the turns. A thin tire is bound to pop from a tire pinch.
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