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Default Re: The worst ripoff guy on the PLANET

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
Anyway, I would imagine he probably did have someone else buy a clutch kit on his behalf. I don't really worry about him having the wits to do anything with it...BUT if the Chinese engine factories get it, it'll be all over for me with this product. I had figured that ultimately it was going to happen anyway. Just not this soon.

Maybe he'll slither back under the rock he came from...and we won't hear anymore from him.

Pablo and Jim,
Take it as a compliment. He's trying to make a prifit from your hard work. Although it sucks, word will spread. He may have the product coming in from China, but as we all know, customer service and quality of product holds true above all else in our hobby and in that order. Many come here for advice sooner or later ad we'll make sure everyone is aware of him.

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