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Default Re: Is putting a motor on a RACING BIKE with THIN TIRES dangerous?

Originally Posted by sputterputtBAM View Post
we can try to maintain some degree of safety though...

It's not such a big deal to sand down head for compression increase...

if you got $$ a better option is the aftermarket manic mechanic billet head. He built it with features youll never achieve with stock.
1. Safety really is #1, take it from a guy that has hit a van broadside and even with good insurance will be paying off medical bills for years to come and will the aches and pains the rest of my life.

2. Please understand the precision involved in the seal between the head and cylinder, if it is not perfect you will loose compression, lots of it with an uneven surface on either side or even mismatched torque on the head bolts.

The manic head for ~$100 gives a bit more compression but it's heat dissipation is the real bonus as I found out with that Silver Shifter eXtreme build last year.
The thing is just a tad longer better plug accomplishes the same thing for $8 if heat is not an issue.

3. 2 thumbs up on a good X-chamber exhaust, it's like a reverse turbo charger if tuned right and will give ya a real wallop HP increase.
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