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Default Re: The worst ripoff guy on the PLANET

Ah Yes,

Paul Kopel...The blunder from down under. He's one strange character.

I would never throw a competitor under the bus either but this guy is making a mockery of everyone else who is offering bike engine kits and parts.

He ordered 5 clutch kits...while he was waiting for them to ship he made a replica of my ebay listing, using my photos and text with a price of $110.00 if I remember right.

I called him and asked what the heck he thought he was doing...he said "I can do anything I want". Yeah so can I! I'm not shipping you anything. He freaked out and said some crazy non-sense about an international lawsuit. I told him "Let me know how that works out for Ya! He's so stupid all you can do is laugh at him.

Anyway, I would imagine he probably did have someone else buy a clutch kit on his behalf. I don't really worry about him having the wits to do anything with it...BUT if the Chinese engine factories get it, it'll be all over for me with this product. I had figured that ultimately it was going to happen anyway. Just not this soon.

Maybe he'll slither back under the rock he came from...and we won't hear anymore from him.

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