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Default Re: commuter survival pack

Originally Posted by graydog8josh View Post
Has anyone ridden these motors 150+ miles in a day? How many continuous hours can the motor withstand? What tools did you bring? I can say for sure that I am not confident enough in my build yet to ride the engine hard for more than 30 minutes without worrying that Im going to have to stop. the manual says to inspect and tighten things after each ride. But Ive only just ridden a handful of treks and one trek across town to some isolated place I found with my friend on google maps.
I've ridden mine all day long, stopping only to fill up and fix flat tires. I would add a hand pump and a good patch kit to any survival pack. I use the patch kit and tire pump more than anything else. I never had a bit of problem running all day continuously. Air-cooled motors don't overheat, so unless something breaks, it will run for hours. I have many thousands if miles on my current engine with no trouble at all. I simply keep up on the maintenance .

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