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Default Re: commuter survival pack

I carry no tools with me anymore. I used to have a trunk and I carried every tool I would need, an air pump and spare fuel (It was a huge touring trunk). But, as I grew confident in my mechanical abilities and learned how to put my kit and bike together better, I no longer needed any of those things. I use Slime tubes (I'm not advocating slime tubes over thorn resistant tubes, but I do recommend doing something to prevent flats). As far as carrying tools, I just rode for awhile and after not needing any tools 99.999% of the time, I stopped carrying them. I'm not advocating that anyone not carry tools, because every bike is different and you may need your tools some day. It's been my choice not to carry tools, and if I ever did break down a few miles from home, I'd be screwed. I'm just saying that over time, its possible that you'll grow more confident in your abilities and perhaps feel less of a need to carry them.
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