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Cool commuter survival pack

I was going to share what I keep with me at all times whenever I hit the road, and also get feedback/input from other riders.

My 'survival pack' now currently includes:
-multitool metric allen set 1mm-5mm(this handles all the side plates on the motor and most of the bike brake adjustment)
-fat handle screwdriver w/ flat/phillips reversable bit(clutch barrel)
-10mm ratcheting wrench and socket ( for most intake/exhaust and mounting bolts in hard to reach places)
-14mm wrench and socket( for tensioner)
-6mm allen key for upgraded tensioner bolts
-zip ties(you never know, and why not)
- electrical tape
-bent nosed pliers no teeth please.(for getting master link off in a hurry)
4 quarters and 1 dollar bill. (has been for air but i plan to get an air pump)

soon to include, because ive been negligent:
tire lever, spare tube, air pump

additionally, if i bring my bike to work on it i carry my mini dremel 4.8v and my dewalt 12v screwdriver/drill, i can completely disassemble my motor in under an hour. Ive found that the socket 5mm is awesome for doing clutch maintenence/ cleaning.

I carry most of my stuff in an oversized backpack in case I need to pick up stuff, and I use a large duffle with a shoulder strap for when I hit the grocery store.
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