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Default Re: A Warning to those looking in getting a Chinese engine kit

As I wrote here in another place, I have solved my chain/sprocket problem for the time being and am riding the bike with pleasure. But I did it on my own brain power and help from guys on this forum, despite the bad directions I received with the kit. Here is a statement in the instuctions re the installation of the sprocket: "Secure with 9 bolts compressing the chain sprocket to the spokes. Note: 2 rubber isolators may be needed on both sides of sprocket for chain alignment on some older ...." And, also: " The wheel chain sprocket is mounted with teeth-out and dish-in next to spokes." Unfortunately, I took these instructions literally and installed the sprocket next to the spokes, without the second fiber washer, with the teeth of the sprocket out. Ruined my wheel after a brief time of riding. Got a new wheel, went to this forum many times, reversed the sprocket and added the second fiber washer between the spokes and the sprocket, put spacers behind the motor mount, ditched the tensioner and it works. My advice: don't believe the instuctions. Mine were from Boygofast.
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