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Default Re: Is putting a motor on a RACING BIKE with THIN TIRES dangerous?

Right on locell, we can try to maintain some degree of safety though. this was not on my priority list though.
I would, ALWAYS wear a helmet, ditch chain tensioner and shim motor mount to adjust chain, pants and gloves are good measures to minimize damages

It's not such a big deal to sand down head for compression increase. I would research it here fist though. if too much is taken off it'll kill a motor quick/instantly.

if you got $$ a better option is the aftermarket manic mechanic billet head. He built it with features youll never achieve with stock.

On a budget? The best performance is gained through an expansion chamber exhaust.

Put em both on and maybe a intake match the ports n gaskets up, theres not much more to be gained from a motorized bicycle motor.

Read the forum a lot... try to recognize hacks/half wits from gear heads.

Good luck, I bought a KLR650
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