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Default Re: The worst ripoff guy on the PLANET

The only real surprise is more Aussies aren't howling about this jerk. Maybe he is just small potatoes or people already know to stay away from him. I really try hard in my life not to say bad things about anyone, but this guy is a con artist. There is no other way to put it. As a supplier and sponsor, we certainly need to be careful about the things we write. We would NEVER whine about a competitor and legitimate motorized bicycle supplier.

This guy approached us early on and we almost entered a business arrangement with him. We never even got to the formalizing agreement. He bought one kit from us - next thing we know our customers are complaining to us that pictures of their bikes with Shifter Kits are on eBay! For some crazy price. I had enough that quick and pulled the plug. His response? "I can do anything I want"

He seems to have no technical ability and claims he has a crew. I'm not sure about many of his claims.

It also looks like he is trying to have our product(s) knocked off in China.

He had an encounter with Creative Engineering (the clutch kit folks) as well. I think you are wise to let others know, IMHO.
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