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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by mmmmudd View Post
Fondled my new motor today, a year old and it's still in it's box. The new year is coming and I want to be in the wind by the time the weather is warm again. It's time to look for a frame to stuff it into. There's a charity organization that restores old bikes and sells them on the cheap I plan to look into. An "Uber Grubee" and a Schwinn Varsity would make a killer combination I think.
If I may jump in with a suggestion. I don't know what the Varsity is, Steel or Aluminum, But if you're using a 2 stroke you should use a steel frame. I've found (in over 60 builds) that aluminum doesn't hold up as well as steel, especially with the vibration of a 2 stroke. Aluminum might be fine for a 4 stroke. But 2 strokes tend to wreak havoc on softer aluminum frames.
Around my area theres a couple churches that do the bike build thing to make money for the church. I just bought a set of suspension forks from a guy that does the bike thing for his church. I'll bet there's about the same thing going on in almost any area you might be in. So, check the churches.
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