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I tried black,black,black and blue,blue,yellow,and pedaled myself almost to a heart attack, came in unhooked it comletely, pedaled started on first try, then rode it about a mile or so came in to get warm then did it again just to make sure it would start and such, no problems then when I was checking everything out I noticed that the mag wire had came off it must have came off when I was getting off (lol,sorry)of it it looked like a wood screw sticking out inside the hole so I just pushed it back in I havent tried it since as it was getting dark is this normal does this wire come off like that ...later tecker oh by the way I bought it from boy go fast back in june or so and I'm just know putting it on I LOVE it I'm a big guy and it did great I had to pedal going up a steep hill but that was no problem I havent tried it from a dead start yet I'm going to have fun on my new toy yeah
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