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Default Re: Is putting a motor on a RACING BIKE with THIN TIRES dangerous?

Yes, you can also go to 26 x 1.50 and even 26 X 1.25-

personally I'd go probably 1.50 which I believe are both more available and wear a bit longer- the high sidewall of the 26 alloy rim could probably use the extra verticle tire profile for ruts too

So there are more options- I first went from 2.25 original beach tires down to 1.75, which is the size I rode a lot as a kid in the early '60's. The diference in roll and tire weight was astounding, so then I soon decided to put a 27 on the front-

incidently, a 700 C wheel does work better in a cruiser frame than a 700C in terms of clearance- but the front and back brakes have to be different sizes of reach then.:
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