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Default Re: What typically fails on a ChinaGirl motorized bike

Well I was able to finish off my first tank of break-in fuel today. The little engine just keeps getting smoother. I credit much of this experience thus far to the information I've taken from this forum.

A recent example: After reading about the half links in the tensioner thread, I went back to Tractor Supply this morning and got a package of offset links for the #41 chain that I got from them a few days ago. I'll put one of these on tomorrow so I'll be able to run without the tensioner installed. I was able to run without the tensioner with the kit supplied #415 chain but not with the new Tractor Supply #41 chain. By the way, it is amazing how much better constructed the #41 chain is compared to the loose construction of the #415 kit chain.

While I have the #41 chain off, I'm going to clean the grease off it that it came with and lube it with a clean chain lube. That storage grease it came with is too messy to run.

A second change I'm making now isn't from information from this forum instead it is just from general reading I've been doing on the Net. I'm glueing a piece of rubber to act as a sound dampener to the inside of my gear cover to dampen some of the gear noise/ringing I get from it. I had read that this cover is like a bell and a significant source of noise and for me that is true. I'm going to adhere it solid with spray on glue to get the maximum benefit of the dampening. I think this will give me the best results.

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