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Default Re: Bicycle Engine

Nobody has mentioned the pure and exhilirating feeling when you hit the power band on a 2stroker! No valved engine can ever do that. 4 strokers have such a boring, predictable straight up power curve.
I understand that most 4 strokers are bullet proof engines and need not to fiddle for years if done good maintenance. I have few mills like that.
The 2 stroker engine is more for a mechanic or hobbyist that enjoy getting his/her hands dirty. ****, I used to rejet everytime I rode depending on the weather.
You can squish so much more horsepower on a 2 stroker, by just adding an expantion header and rejjeting. Then you have the porting, squish band, intakes, boost B, E ignition, etc.
Less weight, cheaper to buy and maintain. Every Stroke is a Power Stroke.
CC by CC, the 2 stroker is twice the engine! Look at Moto GP history.
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