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Default Re: What typically fails on a ChinaGirl motorized bike

Well said Chief.
If everyone followed that advice we wouldn't see so many dissing the 2 stroke engine kits. They take a little mechanical common sense to install and maintain. Just bolting one on and expecting that you'll have a Honda or BMW under you is why so many find the Chinese 2 strokes a problem.

I've preached for years that the biggest problem with the HT (Chinese kits) is the level of mechanical skill required to properly install and maintain one. The ones who hate them the most are usually the ones lacking the skills necessary to keep them running. There are exceptions to this but those who have the skills have sometimes found the 4 strokers more to their liking for various reasons. However the majority of haters are those who don't have the skills required to install them or understand the basics of 2 stroke engines and what it takes to get the most from them.

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