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Default Re: Oil fuel mixture (more is not better)

Originally Posted by ibcnya View Post
Ok so mine is doing this....Should it stop once I start putting less oil in the gas. Rite now its 5.5oz to a gallon. Sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesnt. Mind you that im only on my 3rd tank of gas...still 20:1 fuel.

im also having problems with fuel running out of my air filter, when this happens I have to kill the gas at the petcock and peddle through the flood until it fires up. What is my problem and how can I fix it?
It will actually get worse when you go to a mixture like 24:1 or 30:1. You will have to move your needle clip up a notch. Also may want to clean your air filter since it's clogged with fuel and oil.

Check to make sure your float isn't sticking when it does that....tap the float bowl.
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