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Default Re: What typically fails on a ChinaGirl motorized bike

Originally Posted by Deimus View Post
You left out "form" though. Just kidding you. Of course, I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me, the engine fits in the frame and not on the wheel. And I like seeing a lot of daylight around a slim engine.

You know, I omitted the most important first criteria. "Fun". That is actually the most important thing. We should love spending time with our bikes be it riding or tinkering or hopefully both. I enjoy seeing the build threads of anyone's bike because it allows me to share in what they are wanting to build. And after it is finished, I can appreciate the machine they built even if it wouldn't be the type I would want to build myself. I'm new here so I hope my posts come across this way.
It should def. be fun! If your not enjoying yourself you might wanna see a doctor. Ya like the fact my kit never breaks on me. Thats why i ride the kit that i ride. Some people are in it for looks and speed. Im in it for reliability and fun! It sucks being 20miles from home and pedaling because your kit broke down. Its never happened to me but im sure it wouldn't be any fun. what kit are ya building?
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