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Default Re: What typically fails on a ChinaGirl motorized bike

Originally Posted by Deimus View Post
I hope my first kit and build turns out reliable. I've followed most of the recommendations that I've read here on the forum so far and I was careful with the installation. I've only had it finished a few days now and the weather has only permitted short rides. Even after only about 15 miles total so far, the little engine is already running smoother and idling better.

I've been reading posts here about both the ChinaGirl 2-stroke builds and the various 4-stroke builds. For my personal taste, I think the 2-stroke bikes are mechanically beautiful machines due to the clean look of the slim components. The 4-stroke builds just doesn't have that same simple clean look. Now some of the extreme expansion chamber exhaust systems take away from the looks for me even though functionally they may be better.
Just remember you can choose function and you can choose form, but you cant always choose both. I will take function over form any day of the week.
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