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Default Re: Latest shop dog build "greeniee"

Originally Posted by "the prussian" Shop Dogs View Post
Tank during fab ,the brass fitting is from the washing machine section of ace hardware .the torch is a # 4 amd the brazz rod i found best is the cheap red coated stuff.
This photo is a tank i made with mig welder ,if you look close you can see the whole spool of wire this tank took to seal ,braze is deff. Better .
I think on page 1 the picture is from MIG welded the few spots to hold the tank together.

You said something about using a whole spool that would be MIG.

You also mentioned torch and brass rod. I see the torch nozzle in the picture too, but wondered what you did with the flame braze and the brass rod?

Mostly the tank was done with MIG and if I get thick enough or better at using my lowest setting on my MIG, I can try tank sealer too.

You could or maybe are going to add body filler on out side?

Nice going so far!

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