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Smile Re: New from VA, need some advice

Hello VTHokie welcome to

Does my Schwinn Delmar have a cheap front fender that fits this description
Its really not so much as the fender, as it is the fender mounts. I personally have not seen a fender mount not fail at some point. With the added speed and vibrations fender mounts just seem to fail.

In my opinion, if you don't reinforce the fender then remove them. Here is a great thread on the subject with lots of mounting idea's There is plenty of more great threads just run a search.

I read that a front brake is absolutely necessary
I won't say its absolutely necessary but I don't ride anymore without both front and back brakes. If you ride long enough there will be a time you are glad you had them. Lets face it, its just safer and the smart thing to do.

Some as me, run a dual pull lever set up, others just run all the levers. Me personally I prefer the dual lever set up.

Lastly, how safe are these motorized bicycles?
Its as safe as you make it, and as safe as you ride it in my opinion.
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