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Default New from VA, need some advice

Hey all,
I just recently decided to build a motorized bicycle, and I wanna lay out the things I purchased for advice. Mind you, I just purchased these things, so don't be too harsh haha!

I purchased a Schwinn Delmar 26" Men's bicycle from Walmart:

I also purchased a 66/80cc 2 stroke (Chinese) from

Both will be arriving in the mail within the next couple of weeks.

My concerns are the following:
I read somewhere about cheaply built front fenders coming loose and jamming in the front wheel, dangerously tossing the rider. Does my Schwinn Delmar have a cheap front fender that fits this description, and if so, can it be reinforced?
Secondly, I read that a front brake is absolutely necessary, and my Schwinn Delmar doesn't have one. I assumed (incorrectly) that handlebar brakes would interfere with the throttle. Can I have one installed -- or install one myself -- without interfering with the engine kit (I realize this may be a dumb question)?
Lastly, how safe are these motorized bicycles? By buying a $130 Walmart bicycle, and a cheap Chinese 2 stroke, am I putting myself at risk of serious injury? Will the bike hold up?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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