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Default Police took my bike away

I used it for over a year in this small town, even drove past the cop shop every day but this guy knew I was under suspension and must have had a bad day. I'd seen him and cut engine (as always) but he said my engine must have been on because he saw my chain moving. He had followed me for three blocks while I peddled. First words out of his mouth were "I'm seizing that bike".
By the time I got to court he changed his story and said motor was hot and he heard the engine- all lies but I guess he realized that his "chain turning " comment was stupid.
In court they dropped it to "drive without licence" adding another $500 fine to my unpaid fines.
Next day I went and bought an electric Izip and hated it within 10 minutes. I was no longer able to go for my dirt road site seeing tours and could only use it to go to town and back because it's only good for an hour or so.
I've spent the last 3 months wondering what to do and am waiting on a clutch for a push trailer that I will make to go along with a nice Honda motor I have.
Anyhow, it's been hard not having my happy time and with winter here, my electric hates the cold and I've been thinking that it's time to put an engine on this bike. I could use the battery in town and use the engine for "off -roading".
If I were to move my battery box, this would leave me tons of room, about 6 inches, giving me room for that jackshaft idea that I believe I read about here.
This will also let me leave the original electric drive line alone that is on the left side of rear wheel. (chain and sprocket)
I could even use the plastic battery box for a gas tank holder/hider and mount the batteries on a rear rack.
The only thing I'm not sure of is if the frame has enough room because of the way it's built.
I have 13 1/2 inches from bottom of frame to the crossbar (at the seatpost) but if the engine is 10 inches from front mount to rear, that would only leave me about 6 inches of space from top to bottom, ( at seatpost)
Do you think it will fit?
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