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Default Re: Latest shop dog build "greeniee"

I use oxy acet with a back gas rig (just inert) to spot around every two inches or so. The trick in to switch back tank to tank so one has a min to cool. If you run to hot anywere the sheet will warp bad. I learned on a tank a while back that mig is real fast ,at first, then you end up chaseing holes all over. So braze is the way to go with thin stuff ,tig on thicker metal . Both take a great deal of pratice! I tell everone exp. Or not to try a batt. Or tool box first ,get a feel for how that setup is gona run then do the tank . And after trying casewell tank sealer i'll never make anouther tank without it ! That stuff is as tuff as supermans knee cap... But i always try and have several tanks ready to seal at once.
When you get the mix ready have two or three buddies with there preeped tanks in hand ,fill one tank roll it around then pass the WHOLE hot mix to next tank . It works great and you can get several done from only half the $50 caswell pack. 50 bucks donig six or eight tanks is dam good in my mind. Sealing edges is as easy as tapeing them shut overnight. Then cleanout the bung and tap the supply hole threads and blow it out.
I'll look for some of the pics of those tanks during construction and post them soon.
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