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Default Re: Low throttle setting as "kill switch" when stopped...

Hmm, will you be able to repair one or will you need to order a new lever?

The type of lever that came in my kit doesn't use a pin to lock it. Mine uses a smaller spring loaded lever to lock the main lever. What I don't like about this is that there is a lot of travel lost when I release the main lever before the locking lever catches. The clutch ends up dragging ever so slightly in the locked position. This is only noticeable when the rear wheel is in the air when the bike is on the dual leg kick stand. The rear wheel does not spin when the clutch lever is fully squeezed but it will spin some when the clutch lever is locked. I have the clutch cable adjusted as per instructions to have 1/16th inch of travel when engaged. Because of the travel lost, I was thinking about ordering the type of lever that uses the pin to lock it. If I do, I will be sure to secure the pin from vibration. Thanks.
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