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Smile Re: New, lostand confused

yes! I am on the road with no registration. cops over don't really know what to do. I rang DVLANI. and they said.
"if you have a provisional license, you'll be fine". does registering mean Tax, mot and insurance? and if so how does that relate having to do the CBT? if its over 49cc?
they didn't seem to know any thing. I have since buying my kit, found the whole idea of putting an engine on a push bike can be a bit of a grey area were as the law is concerned. I passed the cops doing 25ish mph. they then pulled out of the tee junction, followed me........ and passed me and went on their merry way.

the kit itself, bought it off ebay. an English seller, box had printed on it
C D H motor 80 cc. that's all, no indication of the manufacturer at all. I'm assuming it is just a basic kit for getting started.

i removed the CDI and found the HT lead to be a bit loose on the screw, so i trimmed 1/4 of an inch off and it seems pretty tight now. I then pushed the bike with the plug attached to the HT lead but earthing/touching the head. and she gave 1 good strong spark and then quit sparking altogether. but earlier in the day she was doing the same thing, only she was for a few seconds sparking, then nothing. i only go my kit on halloween and i dont want to be binning it just yet.
PLEASE can so one help http://motorbicyclinimages/smilies/Waa.gif
PS sorry about this being so long, i just wanted to get as much info in as possible as I'm finding it a bit tricky navigating around the site.
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