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Default Re: Low throttle setting as "kill switch" when stopped...

Sorry, there is no sound evidence that the kill switch will harm the CDI. There are those who will say that because they've read it here but to date there is no proof. In fact the opposite is true. The biggest majority of us use and rely on the kill switch as a way to shut down the engine and as a safety device in the event of a broken/sticking or otherwise malfunctioning throttle.

If allowing your engine to die at low throttle is comfortable for you then by all means keep doing it but wire the kill switch (button) into the ignition circuit so you'll have it in case of an emergency situation. The two wires from the kill switch( wire colors are unimportant) spliced into the blue and black wires from the CDI is the best method. If the kill switch is defective, replace it preferably with a normally open momentary switch mounted for easy access.

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