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Default Re: Low throttle setting as "kill switch" when stopped...

Originally Posted by Wickedest1 View Post
Your best bet would be to not even use the stock kill shorts out your magneto in a bad way...just close the choke and pull the throttle with the clutch disengaged...i cut my killswitch out altogether and haven't had mag issues since
Yes, I read all about these kill switch issues before I even installed the kit. This site is great for providing such info. So what I did was to install a toggle switch on the blue wire (hot wire) between the magneto and coil. Right now I have the toggle switch zip tied to the handle bars in easy reach. But I have ordered mini boat rocker switches that I will be able to fit into the throttle housing where the kit kill switch is today. Then I'll be about to switch on and off the circuit without releasing the throttle grip.

Link to mini boat rocker switches small enough to custom fit

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