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Default Low throttle setting as "kill switch" when stopped...

Just wondering...

Does anyone have their bike's idle setting so low that releasing the throttle cuts the engine on purpose? I haven't adjusted my idle up yet and the bike behaves this way. I can see some advantages to it. First, if I don't want the engine to cut out I only have to hold the slightest of throttle pressure and it idles fine. Second, the engine starts up very easily and quickly when the clutch is released so restarting isn't an issue now. It seems that if I was stopped at an intersection and wanted quiet I'd only have to fully release the throttle but if I want to keep it going I could do that as well. The weather here isn't suited to riding much so I thought I'd ask folks personal opinions. Later, I'm sure I'll try it both ways to see what I think of it. Perhaps just hitting the kill switch will be my choice, I'm not sure at this point.

So how do you have your bikes set up?
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