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Default Re: What typically fails on a ChinaGirl motorized bike

After installing my first kit, I can easily understand how important the installation fitting details would be to the stresses on the little ChinaGirl engine. Starting with the installation of the wheel sprocket. That thing was impossible to true at first for me. Then I worked out a method using my dial indicator that made the installation painless and precise. I posted a thread on how to do this to hopefully help others. (Sprocket installation how-to).

Also, details I learned here and followed included removing the engine covers and checking the installation of the magneto, clutch gear and slant gear, and the seals. I found my clutch drive slant gear barely installed by the factory. I had to remove it, file the burs they created on the shaft, then reinstall the slant gear. My seals seemed fine but it was good that I checked them. In addition I didn't use many of the bolts and studs included in the kit because they either fit loosel or the metal was just too soft.

Keep the experiences coming.

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