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Default Re: What typically fails on a ChinaGirl motorized bike

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
That result is not typical for those who know how to properly install a China kit in their bike. I know, you'll probably get mad at me again and say you dont care what I think, but its true. It takes a great amount of care to install a china kit. I did not know this when I bought my first kit, and I had some troubles with it. The difference is, I knew and accepted it as user error instead of blaming the kit/manufacturer/vendor.
Why should I get mad? If you want to use it on the sidewalk for 5 minutes its probably ok, but I used it as motorcycle with higher top speeds and long distance and that thing was extremely unreliable. Anyways, I got something great now. Everybody asking me to build one of those bikes, I tell them to forget about the China Kits and invest in a small 4 Stroke instead. Cost more, but in the end its cheaper and less headache and driving instead of repairing and waiting for parts.

My opinion: Dont buy a china Kit at all. I would never do it again.
No more China Junk Kits. Next build: Completely customized Micargi Royal with Predator 212cc Torque Monster
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